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If you are looking to get a unique award for your event or awards shows we can help you out!


Why should you need a custom award? Well, getting an award is a special occasion. It’s a moment to make someone feel special and having an actual award that looks and feels just as special and unique certainly helps.

We translate your ideas and corporate identity into a design that works in physical space. We try to work within any reasonable budget and make the most of it.


How it works

  • Click on our contact button and send us a short description of what it is you are looking for.
  • We will contact you as soon as possible with a proposal
  • After approval on the proposal we will start working on a design and we will send you 3D visuals as proofs
  • Once the design is approved we will either send you the 3D models or we will send the model to our production facility, depending on your wishes.

Sooo, what kind of awards can you make?

Excellent question! It’s almost like I thought of that one myself. The answer is quite broad. We can do pretty much anything but most people tend to think of 3D printing for awards since it’s comparatively cheap and it’s quick. We recommend to combine multiple methods to get better results though. We offer a variety of materials and finishes that we can use to fashion either the entire award or parts of it. Some examples are:

  • Metal casting in either bronze, zink, aluminum or brass.
  • Laser cut sheet material like Dibond in multiple finishes, forex and plastics
  • Acrylics in custom shapes and colors
  • 3D printing


Click on some of our examples below to get an impression of what we can do for you.

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