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3D Design

Toys & Collectibles

We care about toys and we love the joy they bring. So why not create more.

We would love to collaborate with you and turn your ideas into digital sculpts. 

The sculpts are made to match your concepts as closely as possible and are executed with the end use in mind.

How we work

  • First we turn your ideas and potential sketches into 2D views. These views will serve as a template for your model. In these sketches we will take potential mechanics, articulation or other specifications in mind. 
  • After all the details are discussed and approved we will start blokking out the character and do a high resolution sculpt.
  • Once the sculpt is approved we will finetune specifics like the joints and if needed we will cut and key the model.
  • After all is done the 3D print optimised parts will be supplied in obj or stl format. Of course we can also help you with the production of your prototype or custom toys.

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